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Catholic Charities has worked for more than 20 years to develop, rehabilitate, and manage a range of affordable housing communities across the state for those in need.

“Our vision for Oregon is that everyone has a stable home with the support needed to manage their lives; people feel they belong and are welcome; and the experience of homelessness is rare, brief, and solved quickly when it happens.”

Deacon Rick Birkel, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Catholic Charities Oregon


Catholic Charities has worked for more than 20 years to develop, rehabilitate, and manage a range of affordable housing communities across the state for those in need. We provide affordable homes for more than 2,000 individuals, including seniors, children and families, people with disabilities and chronic health conditions, survivors of domestic violence, and refugee families. Our housing options include transitional villages, permanent single-family and shared housing, multifamily apartment buildings, and supportive housing.

There is, however, an immense need for much more affordable and supportive housing throughout Oregon, and we intend to be part of the solution. By working together and engaging other partners, we intend to create hundreds of new units of affordable housing and permanent supportive housing for our most vulnerable neighbors in Portland and across Oregon.

More than simply building housing, we aim to demonstrate how local communities can successfully plan and develop solutions for homelessness and the lack of supportive housing, creating livable social and physical environments that promote healing and inclusion. The Healthy Housing Initiative is deeply rooted in Catholic social teaching and our shared mission to provide help for everyone, especially for the most poor and vulnerable.

Resident Support Services

The Healthy Housing Initiative is committed to creating 1,000 units of affordable housing, including 300 units of permanent supportive housing.


On-site Case Management

Housing Stabilization

Access to whole-person health care

Employment & Financial Wellness

Food & Clothing Assistance

Immigration & Refugee Services

Trauma-informed Life Counseling

Catholic Charities USA: Housing Initiatives Restore Dignity Leaving the Streets Behind

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Catholic Charities of Oregon’s Healthy Housing Initiative has become a model for other Catholic Charities across the United States. “At its heart, the Healthy Housing Initiative (HHI) is about seeing the dignity of every person. A person-centered, comprehensive approach to chronic homelessness, the program meets people where they are and moves them into permanent supportive…

KGW8: Crew breaks ground on $60M affordable housing development in Happy Valley

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Monday, March 28, Catholic Charities of Oregon broke ground on their newest affordable housing project known as Good Shepherd Village. The project is funded in part by Metro and 11 acres of the land was donated by The Brockamp Family.  Good Shepherd Village will include 143 units of affordable housing; construction is estimated to be…

Volunteer Spotlight: University of Portland Nursing Students

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At Catholic Charities of Oregon (CCO) we are blessed with a robust community of volunteers throughout our various programs. Today we would like to highlight the partnership between the University of Portland’s school of nursing and our resident services.

Donor Appreciation Spotlight: Chris Duffin

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We are fortunate to have extremely generous donors and volunteers who give their time, energy, support and resources to Catholic Charities. As part of our donor and volunteer appreciation campaign, we are recognizing individuals and organizations who share God’s love and help to spread light by partnering with Catholic Charities. Because of them, we are…