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Cathedral Village

Located steps from historic downtown St. Johns in North Portland, Cathedral Village Apartments is made up of 110 units of safe, affordable, and equitable family housing, serving a range of low-income neighbors in need, including communities of color, immigrants and refugees, and those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Homes, health, and community steps from downtown St. Johns

Located steps from historic downtown St. Johns in North Portland, Cathedral Village Apartments provides an affordable, family housing opportunity to serve a range of low-income neighbors in need.

This collaboration between Catholic Charities of Oregon and Related Northwest represents a thoughtful and timely response to the growing housing crisis affecting thousands of men, women, and children throughout Portland and across Oregon.

This community of 110 units provides safe, secure, and equitable homes for some of our most vulnerable families—communities of color, immigrants and refugees, those experiencing or at risk of homelessness—in close proximity to local amenities and natural greenspaces.

Units designated as Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) provide chronically homeless families with access to whole person healthcare and a range of onsite social services, ensuring families receive the support they need to get back on their feet and be successful.

In addition, the local faith-based community welcome their new neighbors with open arms, helping to provide a greater sense of belonging. Construction was completed end of summer 2022 and officially opened September 20, 2022.

Cathedral Village


Safe, secure, affordable housing

100+ new apartments dedicated to low-income and chronically homeless individuals and families.


Sense of community

Shared public spaces and social events to encourage neighborhood engagement.


Access to health care

Whole-person physical, mental, and social well-being wraparound services provided by healthcare partners.


Convenient urban location

Walk, bike, or bus to local shops, library and green spaces.


On-site resident support services

Case management, housing stability, financial empowerment, and after-school youth programs

Project Collaborator: Related Northwest

Since 1989, Related California has created visionary developments that strengthen communities and transform urban life.  In 2018, Related California’s affordable housing footprint expanded into the Pacific Northwest.  With a pipeline of more than 400 residential units under construction or in pre-development, Related Northwest will continue the history of forming strong public-private partnerships with nonprofits, faith leaders, and all levels of government to revitalize communities and create transformative, affordable housing for individuals and families most in need throughout the Northwest.

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