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Germaine’s Marketplace

Catholic Charities of Oregon’s food pantry is back and reborn as Germaine’s Marketplace.

Germaine’s Marketplace provides reliable access to healthy and culturally relevant foods for Catholic Charities of Oregon clients experiencing food insecurity, including refugees, immigrants, older adults, and families who live in Catholic Charities’ low-income housing properties. This program is overseen by our new Food Pantry Operations Manager, Kelsey Allan. The Marketplace includes non-perishable food items such as canned fruits and vegetables, dried and canned beans, pasta, cereal, peanut butter, and condiments along with frozen meats and a variety of delicious frozen meals freshly prepared by the students of Germaine’s Kitchen and Café’s culinary workforce development program. The Marketplace also plans to stock perishables including fresh produce, bread, and dairy when available.

Using a Client Choice Pantry Model to promote agency and choice, food insecure clients are able to select their own groceries from the Marketplace once per week. Marketplaces are available to residents in select low-income housing properties in Southeast Portland. In addition to the marketplaces, clients can request food boxes containing pantry staples on a regular or as needed basis. In addition to food distribution, Germaine’s Marketplace’s program plans to expand its offerings to include a public pantry, SNAP outreach, and nutrition, gardening, and cooking education highlighting seasonal produce and foods stocked in the pantry.

Questions regarding the rejuvenation of this program? Please contact Kelsey Allan at KAllan@CCoregon.org





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