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Food Services

As hunger and poverty in Oregon continue to rise, our Food Services program partners with local organizations to provide hot meals for those who are unsheltered and offers its own culinary workforce development training to help those experiencing barriers to employment regain their self-sufficiency and stability.

Nourishing the bodies, minds, and spirits of our community

Our Food Services team offers access to fresh, nutritious food and culinary training

In March 2020 we added food preparation and distribution to our suite of services. Named the Food Response Network (FRN), the program has become a main staple of our work and increased our food distribution efforts in the Portland tri-county area by 4,000% (as of 2020-2021).

The FRN ensures that individuals and families who are experiencing food insecurity have access to healthy food options. It’s also home to Germaine’s Kitchen and Café, our hot meal distribution center and culinary workforce training program dedicated to helping those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and other unique barriers to employment acquire basic culinary and job skills.

If you’re a prospective student, click the Germaine’s Kitchen and Café tile below to learn more about our workforce development program and apply today!



Germaine's Kitchen and Café

At the heart of our Food Response Network is Germaine’s Kitchen and Café (GKC). GKC offers a 16-week culinary workforce development program for adults with barriers to employment, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). We have cultivated a space that allows them to grow their skill sets and gives them confidence to reach…

Germaine's Marketplace

Catholic Charities of Oregon’s food pantry is back and reborn as Germaine’s Marketplace.

National Volunteer Month: Volunteer, an Army veteran, stands out because of her dedication

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Rock stars normally earn fame with sharp vocals or shredding on an electric guitar so loudly that it peels the paint off houses. Renatta Robertson is a rock star volunteer at Germaine’s Kitchen and Café whose tools include sharp knives, graters and peelers for vegetables. But her main implement is passion for service and feeding…

National Intern Day: Meet Marta Williams

Posted By | Raeann Boero, Communications Coordinator
Marta Williams, Catholic Charities of Oregon’s (CCO) new intern for Germaine’s Kitchen and Café (GKC), shares her passion for supplying fresh and healthy foods to those who need it most and why she loves working with CCO. “My goal is literally to feed the hungry of Portland…You may never be able to cure houselessness or…

The Oregonian: Germaine's Marketplace: Improving Food Access in Oregon

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National Catholic Register: Portland Catholic Charities Chef Jon Wirtis — and a Recipe for Tortilla Lasagna

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Hear the story behind the Executive Chef and Lead Instructor of Germaine’s Kitchen and Café, Jon Wirtis. A Californian native, Chef Jon Wirtis always had a heart for cooking. Starting out in his father’s restaurant, Chef Jon worked his way up in the culinary world. Chef Jon believes in the power of food: to help,…