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Adoption Services

As of July 1st, 2022 we will no longer be offering adoption services. We will continue to offer support to families, birth parents, and adopted children who have previously been adopted through our program.

Post-Adoption Registry

The Post-Adoption Registry is available to adoptees (18+ years), adoptive parents, birth mothers, and other eligible family members interested in reuniting with their family members. If the adoptee or birth parent is deceased, other family members may be eligible to register in his or her place.

Once both parties have registered and a match has been made, Catholic Charities of Oregon will contact each party and help share necessary identifying information. We offer counseling to all those involved and will assist with the first meeting if requested.

Non-identifying information is also available to adoptees, birth mothers, and adoptive families. This information includes any medical, genetic, and social history that was available at the time of the adoption. It does not include names, birth dates, addresses, or other identifying information. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the non-identifying information to be mailed to you.

Forms and resources:

NOTE: Court records are held in the county office in which the adoption was finalized.

Vital statistics for pre-adoption birth certificates 

Contact preference form to be attached to pre-adoption birth certificate

Court of record for sealed adoption records (Measure 623)

Form to request court adoption records

Voluntary adoption registry affidavit – ADOPTEE

Voluntary adoption registry affidavit – BIRTH PARENT

Form to request non-identifying information

Baptismal Records

We maintain the baptismal records from Our Lady of Providence Nursery. If you need a baptismal certificate, please complete this form and mail it to:

Catholic Charities of Oregon
Attn: Baptismal Certificate Request
2740 SE Powell Blvd. #7
Portland, OR 97202

Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your sealed certificate.


Per SB 710, Catholic Charities Adoption Program reports 0 use of restraints or seclusions of children, in our care, in the last quarter


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