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Family Services

In partnership with our clients, we provide an array of family supportive services including counseling, case management, and education.

Family Case Management

Supporting families has been a priority for Catholic Charities since our founding. In partnership with our clients, we provide an array of counseling and parental supportive services, case management, and support for those who have experienced trauma.

Adoption Services

As of July 1st, 2022 we will no longer be offering adoption services. We will continue to offer support to families, birth parents, and adopted children who have previously been adopted through our program.

Parents learn ons and offs of cloth diapers

Posted By | Catholic Charities Communications
Urgent need: Baby wipes  When young families go shopping, Catholic Charities of Oregon wants to make sure they don’t need to choose between food and diapers. That’s why the agency is grateful for the support of PDX Diaper Bank, which provides boxes of free diapers for families being helped by Catholic Charities’ Refugee & Family…