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Disaster Services

When disaster hits, people go from security to vulnerability overnight. With complete recovery as the ultimate goal, we work to help survivors of disasters rebuild their lives and communities with short-, medium-, and long-term strategies, responding with care and compassion for the whole person.

In times of greatest need

We are called to support and protect our brothers and sisters

Catholic Charities begins a new era in its history and positions itself to take a leadership role in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery in Oregon.

We are called to protect and support our brothers and sisters

As a result of the two disasters that struck our state in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic and Oregon wildfires, we identified a need to more strategically coordinate disaster response efforts with public, private, and parish partners across Oregon to ensure opportunities for immediate and lasting response efforts, especially for people and groups already living at the margins of society.

Bringing on our first ever Director of Disaster Services will allow our agency to effectively implement relief programs:

  • Disaster casework
  • Disaster case management
  • Emergency financial assistance
  • Delivery/distribution of bulk food and other commodities
  • Volunteer intake and mobilization
  • Targeted community outreach
  • Immigration and legal assistance
  • Mental and emotional support

Every emergency will be different, therefore our response, alongside that of our partners, will meet the needs of the communities impacted, allowing for a faster, more inclusive, and holistic recovery.


Our Liaison Network

Rebuilding after any disaster requires a deep and lasting commitment from Catholic Charities and the larger community. That’s why we’re building a network of agencies by partnering with all seven long-term recovery groups in Oregon to quickly and effectively help those who suddenly find themselves in dire need of critical support and resources.

Some of our partners include these public and private groups and parishes:

  • Mercy Corps
  • American Red Cross
  • Oregon Voluntary Actions in Disaster (OR-VOAD)
Current Response Efforts

After the Oregon wildfires destroyed entire towns in southern Oregon in September 2020, Sacred Heart Parish in Medford turned to Catholic Charities of Oregon to help the residents of Talent, Phoenix, and Medford, predominantly immigrant communities, access essential resources. Based on their immediate need to replace their paperwork lost to the fires, we have been able to provide access to ongoing legal assistance to re-issue legal documentation for individuals and families whose futures suddenly became uncertain.

We’ve also provided financial assistance, emergency financial assistance, and counseling services to help the community recover physically, mentally, emotionally, fiscally, and spiritually.

As a result of our work in Medford, Catholic Charities of Oregon is now the fiscal sponsor for the Jackson County Long-Term Recovery Group (LTRG), providing fiscal management and help rebuild the fabric of our community in southern Oregon.

We have provided more than $5,000,000 in assistance to individuals and families in southern Oregon, over 50% of which has gone to members of the BIPOC community.

Relief for Survivors

If you have been impacted by disaster and are looking for assistance specific to your needs, Catholic Charities of Oregon may be able to help through our programs:

Funding Opportunities

If you’re looking to donate, please email donations@ccoregon.org or visit our donation page. If you’d like to become a partner or want to learn more about our Disaster Services Division, please contact our office.

The Road Ahead

Join us in building a robust network of disaster preparedness and recovery throughout Oregon.

Partner with us

Your organization's time and resources make the difference to individuals and families working to regain their stability and self-sufficiency. Join us in our mission to ensure the health and safety of all Oregonians in a disaster by contacting our main office.

Other Programs

Jackson County Community Long-Term Recovery Group

Catholic Charities of Oregon is the fiscal sponsor of the JCCLTRG. Help us serve the survivors of the 2020 Alameda and South Obenchain wildfires.

Lincoln County

Catholic Charities of Oregon is the fiscal sponsor of the Lincoln County. Help us serve the survivors of the 2020 Alameda and South Obenchain wildfires.

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