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Auxiliary Services

Catholic Charities of Oregon spearheads several initiatives to improve the quality of life of the people we serve and empower Oregon’s communities to do the same. Learn more about our projects by clicking on the tiles below.

Giving communities the tools to thrive

Our Auxiliary Services supplement our core work and support those who may otherwise fall into poverty.

At Catholic Charities of Oregon, we are continuously evolving our services to meet the needs of those whom mainstream society has all but forgotten. Our Auxiliary Services allow us to be flexible and creative in our work to provide unique support to those living on the margins of poverty as they develop self-sufficiency and stability. Please explore our services by clicking the tiles below.

The Border is Everywhere

In partnership with Catholic Charities USA, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), Catholic Charities of Oregon supports access to wraparound services that promote the healthy integration and well-being of our newest neighbors as they start their lives in the United States.
Zomi Catholic Community, Portland, OR

Zomi Community

The Zomi are a Christian ethnic minority group from Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India. Intense religious persecution in Myanmar has caused the resettlement of many Zomi to Portland as refugees.