Giving (New)

In-Kind Donations

Whether you personally have services or goods to offer or would like to organize a drive to collect items for a specific program, we are grateful for your support.

Make a Gift

Donating to the cause you care about is easy! Click the dollar sign to donate online now, donate by phone or mail, donate in honor of someone, or make a financial contribution.

Planned Giving

You can create a lasting legacy of care by including Catholic Charities in your will or estate plan, or by naming us as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy.

Donate to a Specific Program

Looking to give to a specific program? Click here to give online to a specific program.

Thank you for your kind donations!

With your generous support, Catholic Charities is able to partner with more than 20,000 individuals and families seeking assistance each year. Our programs and services promote self-sufficiency, helping people regain their dignity and putting them on a path to success. Your gift is an investment in their future and in our shared communities.

Catholic Charities is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Our Federal Tax Identification number is 93-0386801. Catholic Charities does not share, sell, lease, or otherwise disclose confidential donor information to any other organization. Donors who contribute $100 or more during a calendar year are listed in our Annual Report. If you prefer that your gifts remain anonymous, please call or email us with your request.

Our Commitment to Donors

Catholic Charities maintains a strong commitment to all of our donors who make our organization’s mission possible. Specifically, we hold the following beliefs:

Our donors are valued. 

We want their giving to Catholic Charities to be meaningful. We strive to build authentic relationships with our donors in order to engage them in the most meaningful ways.

Our donors are our partners.

Just as we partner with our clients on their path through and out of crisis and/or poverty, we partner with our donors to offer services and programs that make a real difference in the lives of those who turn to us in need. Donor partnership can only be facilitated through direct relationship and meaningful engagement. As trusted partners, we have a responsibility to maintain their confidence by ensuring that all donor rights are upheld. See Donor Bill of Rights.

Our donors belong.

Our donors belong to God’s family and to the Catholic Charities family. We strive to help them feel connected, appreciated, and valued.