Burgerville Employee Assistance

The Burgerville Employee Assistance Fund is available to Burgerville employees with at least 3 months of employment who are facing a financial emergency. The fund is administered by Save First Financial. The program combines financial assistance with financial education, empowering each participant to succeed.

Burgerville employees who qualify for help from the fund will be asked to participate in a free financial wellness class, which uses curriculum from financial consultant, Dave Ramsey. 

Eligibility requirements include the following:

  • Be a Burgerville employee for at least three months.
  • Face sudden loss of income due to serious illness, death, disaster to home (fire, flood, etc.), emergency housing issue (change in living arrangements, eviction, etc.), unpaid child support, etc.
  • Face family crisis due to traumatic incident, prolonged illness, separation and/or divorce, loss of job, etc.

How To Apply

Click on the Application Form and save the application to your computer. Then, fill out the application and save it to your computer once more (title it with your last name), attach it to an email, and send to burgerville@savefirstfinancial.org.

Applications are also accepted by mail or fax.

Mail to:
Catholic Charities
Save First Financial — Burgerville
2740 SE Powell Blvd., #5
Portland, OR 97202

Fax to:
503-238-4716 (fax)

After submitting the application form, you may call our toll free number 1-866-996-0334 to discuss your situation. Someone will be in touch with you within 48 business hours of receipt of your application. Please leave a message with the best time to contact you.