Senior Priests Navigation

Senior Priests Navigation

In the Archdiocese of Portland, there are currently over 60 retired priests, aged 70 or older, with an additional ten priests expected to retire in the next five years.

In 2017, Catholic Charities launched a pilot project to develop a single point, comprehensive information and referral resource for the senior priests of the Archdiocese of Portland. The project will systematically identify the needs of retired priests and work to respond to those needs through information and referral and, as needed, developing tailored support networks to enhance their wellbeing and independent living.

The Resource Navigator program will evaluate, assist and provide guidance to meet the health and social services needs of the senior priests which could include health management services, home care and supportive services, nutrition services, transportation for health care appointments as well as home maintenance, shopping, and other needs. Ultimately the project will result in a network of support services for retired priests in the Archdiocese that includes parish and community volunteers as well as government and insurance based services whenever possible.

If the pilot project proves successful after a year of service, efforts to replicate the model to support other aging adults within the Archdiocese will be undertaken. This expansion would represent an important vehicle for the Catholic Church to support independent and dignified living into advanced age.

This project is led by Catholic Charities in coordination with the Vicar of Clergy and the St. John Vianney Committee.

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