Adoption Services

Adoption Services

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Please Note:  As of March 2018, Catholic Charities is no longer accepting new adoptive parents for our waiting list. If you are interested in becoming an adoptive parent, we are happy to assist you in identifying an adoption agency to fit your circumstances. Please note that all potential adoptive families will be thoroughly screened and background checked in accordance with state regulations and laws.

Catholic Charities is available to provide support to all adoptive families, post-adoption, including support groups and family and couples counseling.Our mission is to support you in planning a stable and fulfilling life for you and your baby, whether you choose to parent your child or place with an adoptive family. Information about parenting and adoption is available equally as both options are fully explored with you without any pressure. Regardless of your choice, we will assist you in obtaining and paying for medical coverage, housing, food, and other necessities.

If you decide to parent your baby we will help you by providing counseling and support, getting you access to resources, and assisting you as you physically and emotionally prepare for your baby. We provide these services throughout your pregnancy and for up to four months after the birth of your baby. In addition, we have a mentoring program and periodically offer parenting groups for new parents.

If you choose adoption, we will help you develop an adoption plan that is in the best interest of you and your baby.

Open Adoption

Over the years we have been blessed with exceptional, openhearted adoptive parents who genuinely desire a life-long relationship with the birth parents of their adopted children. Our adoptive families are the backbone of our program. We work with families without distinction as to race, color, or creed who are ready for an open adoption.

We have found that although many prospective adoptive parents have an initial skepticism about open adoption, once they have received more information and have attended our orientation class, they heartily endorse and enjoy this respectful and loving form of adoption.

Adoptive History Assistance

Adoptees, birth mothers, birth fathers, and adoptive parents are eligible under the law to ask for information regarding their adoption. This does not give you names (first and last), birth dates, Social Security numbers, or other information that would allow you to specifically identify the birth parent. Non-identifying information you have access to includes physical description and age; occupation; general area of residence; medical, social, and genetic history; and personality traits.

Catholic Charities’ Voluntary Adoption Registry

Our voluntary adoption registry is for past adoption birth mothers, adoptees, and other eligible family members who are interested in getting identifying information. The registry is for adoptees who are at least 18 years old, birth parents, or the adoptive parent of a deceased adoptee. The adult birth-sibling, parent, aunt, or uncle (if the birth parent is deceased) is also eligible to register.

Once a match between birth and adoptive family members is made, Catholic Charities will contact both parties and help with sharing identifying information. We offer counseling to all parties and will assist with the first meeting, if requested.

Baptismal Records from Our Lady of Providence Nursery

We maintain the baptismal records from Our Lady of Providence Nursery. If you are in need of your baptismal certificate, please complete this form and mail it to:

Catholic Charities
Attn: Baptismal Certificate Request
2740 SE Powell Blvd.
Portland, OR 97202

Please note that it usually takes 3 – 4 weeks to receive your sealed certificate.