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Dr. Alma Trinidad – Catholic Charities of Oregon

Radical Love

Posted by | Dr. Alma Trinidad
Catholic Charities is committed to fighting injustice. We have asked members of our staff and board as well as our clients—most of whom represent communities of color from all around the world—to share their voices with us. Please join us in opening your hearts and minds, and offering your commitment to deepen your listening to the pains and injustices suffered by others.
Today’s message comes from our Board Chair, Dr. Alma Trinidad:

“My heart and soul are deeply grieving as I witness the increased intensity of violence on and among our Black communities, our brothers and sisters. We have multiple toxic pandemics that have roots in dismissing and disrespecting human lives, and breeding inferiority and hate. This anguish felt is unsettling yet necessary to create change. I encourage us to take arms of RADICAL LOVE and partake in healing, individually and collectively.

The cycle of trauma needs to stop. It begins with each and every one of us! With humility in sharpening our sociopolitical economic analyses and engaging and collaborating with our BIPOC communities, we need to step up our sense of collective responsibility and accountability. It is our duty of solidarity to put forth our faith into action. Black Lives Matter.”