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Oregon Vaccine News: Magic COVID-19 team Brings vaccination confidence to Oregon and across the world

Posted by | Raeann Boero, Communications Coordinator

Catholic Charities of Oregon was recently featured in Oregon Vaccine News for efforts in ensuring refugees have access to information & resources related to the COVID-19 vaccine. Little did we know that our intentional approach and the incredible work from our COVID-19 Community Engagement Specialists would have a global impact.

“As a refugee services provider Catholic Charities Oregon has a goal – to be able to create trusting relationships with the families and communities they serve.When faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, Catholic Charities knew they needed to ensure that the refugees they serve could have access to vaccine information and education, and limited barriers to vaccination. They also knew that this was not the same work as the case management they did for newly arrived refugee families, so they had to create something new.”

For the full story click here: https://hubs.la/H0-0pm-0