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Counting when everybody counts

Posted By | Raeann Boero

Meeting people who are houseless is not new for Julia Paulsen and Caitlin Gleeson.

As staff for Catholic Charities of Oregon, their weekly work includes outreach and encounters with houseless people in the busy area around St. Francis Parish in inner Southeast Portland. The pair bring water, snacks, socks and other gear prized by people living on the streets.

But at the start of the year, the pair ranged more widely, finding even more camps and asking more questions

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Lunch among ladies

March 8, is International Women’s Day! To celebrate, we’d like to share with you this video and beautiful story from the women of Kenton.

Aman's Journey to Safety and Stability

Without Chiles House, Aman would have been living on the streets, battling his PTSD alone and facing the additional trauma of homelessness. Thanks to Chiles House, Aman now has a safe place to heal and has access to counseling right next door at Catholic Charities’ headquarters.

Darla's Story of Hope

The Housing Transitions Program (HTP) operates on the Housing First model that prioritizes finding permanent housing as quickly as possible, providing supportive services as needed. Everyone’s path at Catholic Charities is different and Darla’s story is a beautiful example of a Catholic Charities client’s journey into permanent housing.

Portland Tribune: New affordable housing project opens in St. Johns

In partnership with Related NW, Catholic Charities introduces Cathedral Village. Cathedral Village apartments includes 110 units and is funded in part by Portland Housing Bureau’s affordable housing bond. ‘”We’re thrilled to celebrate the completion of Cathedral Village,” said Natalie Wood, Executive Director Catholic Charities of Oregon. “We know how urgently Portland needs affordable housing for…

Catholic Sentinel: Affordable housing opens in St. Johns

Catholic Charities of Oregon celebrated the completion of a new affordable housing complex, Cathedral Village, on September 20. This new development includes 110 units of affordable housing and residents will have access to Catholic Charities full suite of wrap-around services. ‘“People are looking for more than just housing,” Catholic Charities executive director Natalie Wood said…

Portland Business Journal: Commercial Real Estate Transformers Award winner: Chiles House, Catholic Charities of Oregon, Portland

On August 5, Catholic Charities of Oregon was honored as a recipient of the 2022 Transformers Award for the newly completed affordable housing development, Chiles House. Chiles House was constructed with trauma informed design, it is the first affordable housing building in Portland to use cross-laminated timber, and it is equipped with solar energy systems.…

DJC Oregon: Collaborative effort produces unique building

In collaboration with Truebeck Construction, All Hands Architecture, and Sister City, Catholic Charities of Oregon opens Chiles House, formerly known as The Annex. Chiles House has 27 units of affordable housing for Catholic Charities’ clients who are emerging from or at risk of experiencing homelessness. This project is innovative not only in design, with its…

Catholic Sentinel: Catholic Charities dedicates low-cost housing alongside headquarters

On July 19, Catholic Charities of Oregon opened Chiles House; 27-units of affordable and supportive housing. Chiles House is located right next door to Catholic Charities’ headquarters and its residents will have access to Catholic Charities in depth wrap-around services including access to food, employment support, financial education, counseling services, and more. Read the full…

DJC Oregon: Happy Valleys first affordable housing development gaining steam

“Happy Valley’s first regulated affordable housing development is underway. Good Shepard Village will have 143 affordable homes, including 35 Permanent Supportive Housing and 15 units prioritized for veterans who have experienced homelessness. The approximately $60 million development was funded in part by Metro Affordable Housing Bonds. About $18.3 million of the bond will go toward…

Sightline Institute: Affordable Housing in Oregon is about to Catch a Big Break in Parking Mandates

In this article, author Katie Gould, explores the limitations and barriers parking restrictions have on affordable housing projects. Catholic Charities’ Community Development and Housing Manager, Julia Metz, comments on the issue as it relates to one of Catholic Charities’ development projects. Good Shepherd Village is currently under construction in Happy Valley and will provide 143…

Catholic Charities USA: Housing Initiatives Restore Dignity Leaving the Streets Behind

Catholic Charities of Oregon’s Healthy Housing Initiative has become a model for other Catholic Charities across the United States. “At its heart, the Healthy Housing Initiative (HHI) is about seeing the dignity of every person. A person-centered, comprehensive approach to chronic homelessness, the program meets people where they are and moves them into permanent supportive…

KGW8: Crew breaks ground on $60M affordable housing development in Happy Valley

Monday, March 28, Catholic Charities of Oregon broke ground on their newest affordable housing project known as Good Shepherd Village. The project is funded in part by Metro and 11 acres of the land was donated by The Brockamp Family.  Good Shepherd Village will include 143 units of affordable housing; construction is estimated to be…