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Volunteer drivers are sought for Healthy Sisters, a program of New City Initiative that benefits clients of Catholic Charities. Healthy Sisters supports women who have experienced homelessness in accessing healthcare and having better health. Volunteers help by giving women in need rides to medical appointments. Typically, drivers spend 4-6 hours per month volunteering, although the commitment can vary on a case-by-case basis. To learn more about the program, contact Susanna Rempel, Program Director at New City Initiative: 503-941-8648 or susanna@newcityinitiative.net.

Married couples interested in learning more about adoption are invited to join Catholic Charities for an Orientation/Training Session this year. This class is a necessary part of our home study requirements and must be completed before a family may be considered for the placement of a child. The fee is $250 per couple which includes:

  • Introduction to the “Adoption Journey”.
  • Personal accounts from members of the adoption triad.
  • Legal issues in the State of Oregon.
  • Attachment, transracial, and raising adopted children issues.
  • Effects of drug and alcohol use.
  • The adoption process at Catholic Charities (our home study and our mission).
  • Fee schedule and contract
  • How to prepare for an OPEN ADOPTION.
  • Time for questions

Upcoming dates are: September 12th & 13th 2014 and January/February 2015. Download the registration form here.

To learn more about adopting through Catholic Charities, click here.

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