Pregnancy Support Services

"I wanted to make the best decision for me and my baby."

If you are pregnant, you and the support people of your choice can receive the following services from us at no cost. We serve everyone regardless of religious background and we are committed to helping you in whatever way we can.

  • Free counseling during and after your pregnancy by master's level counselors
  • Our caring staff are available 7 days a week through our on-call hotline 503-238-5196 or 800-783-5857
  • Within 24 hours, one of our Pregnancy Counselors can meet with you to assist you in planning a stable and fulfilling life for you and your baby, whether you choose to parent your baby or place with an adoptive family
  • Information about parenting and adoption is available equally as both options are fully explored with you without any pressure
  • Assistance in obtaining and paying for medical coverage, housing, food, and other necessities whether you choose adoption or parenting

If you decide to parent your baby we will help you by providing counseling and support, helping you access resources, and assisting you as you physically and emotionally prepare for your baby. We provide these services throughout your pregnancy and for up to four months after the birth of your baby. In addition, we have a mentoring program and periodically offer parenting groups for new parents.

If you choose adoption, we will help you develop an adoption plan that is in the best interest of you and your baby. You will have the opportunity to review albums of prospective adoptive parents and choose the adoptive parents for your baby. If you desire, we will help you develop an ongoing relationship with the adoptive parents of your choice and support you in this throughout your child's life. We have carefully screened all of our adoptive parents and each desire a life-long, caring, and respectful relationship with you that is much like extended family.


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