Adoption Services

Becoming Adoptive Parents

Catholic Charities has been placing children in adoptive homes since 1902. Our mission is to support and encourage women to make life-affirming decisions for their unborn children. Since our adoption program is rooted in our Pregnancy Service, most of the children we place are infants. Over the years we have been blessed with exceptional openhearted adoptive parents who genuinely desire a life-long relationship with the birth parents of their adopted children. Our adoptive families are the backbone of our program. We work with families without distinction as to race, color, or creed who are ready for an open adoption. We have found that although many prospective adoptive parents have an initial skepticism about open adoption, once they have received more information and have attended our Orientation class, they heartily endorse and enjoy this respectful and loving form of adoption.

For prospective adoptive parents we provide free informational interviews (call 503-238-5196) to learn more and ask questions, three orientation classes a year to begin the adoption process, home studies, waiting family gatherings, and post placement services. We also provide our adoptive families with ongoing support to help them cope with the emotional ups and downs inherent in adoption. Nearly all of our prospective adoptive parents receive infants within a year of the completion of their home study. We are proud of our adoptive parents and hope you will join us in serving the young women who are choosing life for their babies.

For more information or to schedule an informational interview, please call 503-238-5196.

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